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Little Mouse Ebook - Emily Rose copy-2.jpg

She was never meant to cross my path, but now she's locked in a gilded cage, at my mercy. I don't even know her name, but I know she's mine, and I'll stop at nothing to possess her. As our dangerous games escalate, my obsession grows stronger. My sweet little mouse is clever, and that only fuels my desire for her. I want her in my bed, at my side, and anywhere else I choose. But when secrets unravel, and unexpected enemies threaten her life, my priorities shift. I'll protect what's mine at any cost, even if I must convince her too...

It was a simple mistake, a misstep, but now I'm locked away by a man who may appear heroic but is the villain of my story. He calls me his little mouse, thinking I'm timid, but I'm clever, and I won't stop until I escape. Nico Armani surprises me, as he doesn't act as I expected. He doesn't hurt me for trying to flee, and I'm starting to realize he's more complex than I thought. When he discovers my identity and past, he changes, revealing a side that makes my heart race. My body betrays me, craving him when I shouldn't. As my family closes in, I'm faced with choices: escape and leave him as a memory, or stay with the man who ignites forbidden desires within me.

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