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How was she supposed to know that their little prank war was going to get so out of hand? Or that she and her team were in danger from a former enemy? But that is exactly what happened, and the man who set the whole thing in motion is an ego-bruised biker that didn’t like being outsmarted by a woman. Well, now the joke is on him, because she’ll be staying and working with him until her team returns to collect her. And she isn’t about to go easy on him. Except, the more they fight for the upper hand, the higher the tension rises, and now, the lines of lust and hate are blurred. But when the danger after her comes knocking on the club’s door, will he be there to help her? Or will his ego get in the way? Because the hate she is feeling for him, might just not be hate after all.

She was the most annoying woman he had ever met, and she was always getting under his skin. Their little battle was fun until she messed with the one thing she should never have touched. Only now, his petty revenge resulted in a dangerous enemy from her past coming for her. Now he has to resist the cute, bright haired hacker/ former mercenary, with the smart-ass mouth and sharp wit. Easier said than done when their tension is hotter than hell, and he can’t get his body to ignore her. But when lines blur, and a threat looms, he has a decision to make. Will he let her walk away when this is over, or is he going to have to make a choice between his club and the woman he wants for his own?

Trigger Warning
This book deals with violence, mature sexual themes, discussions of murder and attempted murder, and some discussions of drugs and the sex trade. If such things offend you, do not read this book.

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