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Follow the lives of Wolf, Talon, Nix, and Raven from the Fire & Ink Tattoo Shop as they navigate the challenges thrown their way, but always find their Happily Ever Afters. 

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motorcycle club, books, mc club, devils soldiers mc, romance books


motorcycle club, books, mc club, devils soldiers mc, romance books
Releasing On Audible!

You met them in the Inked Series, and now it's their turn to find their own HEAs. Follow the Devil's Soldiers MC Members as they navigate what it means to be a club, and a family.

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Coming Dec 6th, 2024

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The Devil's Desire ebook - Emily Rose.jpg
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The Lincolns are a reader favorite. You met this family in the Inked Series, and Ash got her HEA. Now it's time for the rest of the family to have theirs.

Free Novella

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The Dragons MC are a 1%er club that lives by their own rules. Little do they know that they are about to meet the women that will show them the true meaning of love, and just what they'll do to keep them safe. 

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Books: Work

New York Mafia Series

a Brand New Dark Mafia Series, full of villains that don't turn into heroes, are as possessive as they come, and will take what they want, and no one dares stop them. Follow the journey of Nico Armani, and then the Caruso and Cattaneo families as they find their heas, while also trying to win a war.

COMING Aug 2024

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