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Book 3:


I moved to escape my past, and give my daughter and I a fresh start. Now, I’m a respected Social Worker for a private VA clinic, and I devote my time to helping veterans find their way in civilian life. I have no time for relationships, and to be honest, I’m too shy to attempt it. But then he keeps getting thrown in my path. Shadow, the Enforcer for the Devil’s Soldiers MC. A man that is making me question what I want, and also pulling at my heart with every piece of himself he gives me. But I know he’s hiding something from me. Will I be able to handle it when it comes to light? Or will it shatter us both?


I fought hard for my country. I lost my team, and when I left the Special Forces, a new one found me. The Devil’s Soldiers MC helped me get to a place that I could finally live. Our club is still being threatened because someone wants to destroy us, and I will not let that happen. Except, I wasn’t expecting her. Quinn Holt is everything I want for myself, but know I shouldn’t have. My own family. Still, I can’t stay away from her, even when I should be focusing on our mole problem. But I have secrets, and the past is about to come full circle in a way I never expected and it might drive her away. Our mole won’t rest until he breaks our club apart, and they don’t care if she’s in the way. I will do anything to keep her and her little girl safe. Because after all these years, they’re my reward and no one will take them away from me.

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