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I’m not looking for anything serious in my life. I have a shop to run, and when it comes to women, anything other than a good time doesn’t fit into my plans. But then I meet her. Ember Rose is exactly the kind of woman that I would normally charm the panties off of, make scream my name all night, and then send on her way come morning. A win-win, right? So why am I wanting something more than that? Why am I wanting to put ink on her skin, and then never let her go?

Men are a dime a dozen when you co-own and work in a bar in this city. And men like Wolf Wild are the kind of men that I should avoid for my own sanity. But we keep running into each other. Turns out he’s my neighbor, and he owns the tattoo shop where I’m getting my first ever ink done. And did I mention the chemistry between us is enough to have my panties bursting into flames at the sight of him? A man like Wolf is what I least expected to happen in my life right now. But I’m not the only one doubting our budding relationship. Wolf's family doesn’t think that the maid’s daughter should look above her station and they’re going to do whatever they can to pull us apart. Are we going to go up in flames before we even get started?

Fire & Ink contains strong language, hot and steamy sexual scenes including spanking, and some discussions of past trauma that may be a trigger for some readers. Please do not read if such things offend you.

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