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Book 2:


I thought he was going to be different, but Torque is the same as every other man when they see a female mechanic. He assumed I was applying for a job as a receptionist to try and lure him into my bed. Well, screw him. Now I’m working for another shop, but not everything is as it appears. I try to ignore it and just work, but when things go south, I have nowhere to turn. Except to one man and his club. Sparks fly, and I realize fighting him might be a losing battle. Except, neither of us realize things are about to take a turn no one expected, and I’m caught in the middle.



I don’t want a woman, which is probably why I was a jerk to the one person qualified for the job at my shop. Now she’s in danger and turning her away isn’t an option. I’ll protect her, but I quickly realize that I want Izzy for myself. Only problem is that there’s more than one danger coming, and loyalties inside our club are about to be tested, with Izzy caught in the crosshairs. Will I be able to save her before it’s too late?

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