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romance books, surprise pregnancy romance, interracial romance, author emily rose

I have a lot on my plate, and the last thing I need right now is a relationship. Even if it means staying away from the one woman that stars in all my fantasies. I have my sisters to raise and my career as a tattoo artist to grow, which means women should be a distant thought. Well, until the night of the gala. I should have known Ash Lincoln was going to tempt me. I can’t stay away from her no matter how hard I try. Now we have to face the reality of our night together. Good thing for me, I’m determined when I want something, and I want Ash. I just need her to trust me and believe that we are perfect together. But you know Ash, nothing is ever easy.

Nix Morgan is the kind of man that sticks in your mind. The man is a genius with a tattoo gun, not to mention he’s hot and covered in ink. My weakness. That’s probably why I decided to throw caution to the wind that night, leaving me with hot as hell memories. But that’s not all I am left with. Now our lives are changed forever, and I have some decisions to make. Am I going to let Nix in and we become a happy family? Or am I going to push him away and keep my heart intact? I need to figure it out, because someone else wants him for themselves. And they’ll do anything to take me out of the picture.

Origin & Ink contains strong language, hot and steamy sexual scenes, mentions drug use, and discusses conception, pregnancy, and miscarriage. Please do not read if such things offend you.

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