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motorcycle club romance, biker romance, dark romance, mistaken identity romance, author emily rose

Being an identical twin should be fun. The kind of adventure that few get to experience. But for Royal, it’s a nightmare. Her sister, Rebel, pretends to be her, steals her things, and quits her jobs and it makes her life hell. Then, to make matters worse, she stumbles into a bar owned by The Dragons MC, who think she’s her sister. Come to find out, Rebel stole from them. When Royal discovers what her sister has done, and what she’s left behind, Royal realizes how much trouble she’s in. Can she convince these men she’s not her sister before it’s too late?

He can’t believe his eyes when the woman who stole from him walks into his bar. She’s either brave or stupid. But he’s not letting her get away this time. She’s going to pay in the only way that matters. With her life. But when he looks into those terrified green eyes, his gut tells him there’s more to the story. Who the hell would have thought that the woman he hates with every breath is an identical twin? Not being able to let an opportunity go by, he sets a plan into motion. He’s going to get his hands on Rebel Montgomery one way or another. Even if he has to use her sister to do it. But with the threat of war brewing and a web of betrayal spreading through his club, will he see the real Royal Montgomery? Or is she just another ploy to distract them?


This is a dark romance, with mature themes and language, including violence, mention of sexual trauma, drugs, and the sex trade. This book also has some hot and steamy scenes, including a dominant alpha male with a proclivity towards spanking. If such things offend you, please do not read this book.

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