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fake relationship romance, billionaire romance, surprise sibling, romance books, dark romance, author emily rose

I should have known it was too good to be true. My whole life, nothing good ever lasts. Nothing stays the same. Now, my past, which should be far behind me, is catching up with me, and in ways I never expected. Come to find out, I have a thirteen year old brother I never knew about, and he’s now my responsibility. What do I know about kids? Nothing really, but I’m going to do my best. That is until CPS shows up. Now, I have them breathing down my neck, memories I’ve tried to bury come back full force, and a bossy billionaire trying to help us out. Sloan Lincoln might be hot, bossy, and thinking he’ll ride in on his white horse and save the day, but he doesn’t know everything. Because if he finds out my secrets, he’ll never look at me the same.

Some call me bossy and overprotective. Me? I call myself smart and resourceful. So when my sister comes to me and asks if I can help Raven out, of course I jump at the chance. Though, I don’t think she meant me pretending to be Raven’s new boyfriend to try and get CPS off her back. But see, I’m a good guy and that’s what I do. Does it help that she's hot and pushes all my buttons? Oh yeah. Of course, things with Raven are never easy. Especially when secrets of her past come to light. She’s going to try and push me away, but I’m not about to let it happen. She needs someone in her corner, and like it or not, that someone is going to be me.

Echoes and Ink is a darker romance compared to the other books in the series. It contains strong language, graphic sexual content, mentions of past abuse, both sexual and physical as a minor, and the death of an infant. Please do not read if these may be triggers for you.

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