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He Shoots He Scores!

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Everyone loves Ollie, and I think you're going to love this little short story. What happens when Carter brings home a lady friend for a night of some sexy fun? Find out for yourself. Also, if you don't know who Ollie is, check out Honor & Ink to meet him. Trust me, you won't be disappointed.

**This story is copyright owned by Emily Rose. This cannot be used in any capacity without Emily Rose's permission.**


Her mouth is hot on mine as I spin her around against the front door of my house. I don’t care that anyone passing by could see us, or hear her moan my name when I grind myself against her. This is a one-night thing, agreed on by the both of us, and I plan on making the most of it.

“Inside?” she breathes against my mouth.

“Fuck yes,” I groan, wrapping my arm around her waist before quickly turning the knob and shoving the door open. I pull her inside, slamming the door behind us, and take her mouth again. She moans, and I quickly hoist her up in my arms, her legs wrapping around my waist, as I head for the stairs.

My cock is hard in my pants, and I can’t wait to have her in my bed. She’s so hot, I didn’t know her name, and she came on to me with enough confidence to have me half-hard almost instantly. I love a woman who has the confidence to go up to a man and tell them point-blank what they want. And I plan on giving it all to her.

I walk into my bedroom kicking the door shut with my foot and moving to the bed. We fall onto the bed, with her laughing into my mouth in delight. “Damn, you’re strong,” she purred, kissing along his jaw. “I like that in a man. I bet you’re built all over.”

“How about you find out,” I drawled back. “First, though, you need to get naked.” I quickly move down to pull her dusty cowboy boots off her feet, while she makes quick work of her shirt and bra. The boots had been the first thing I noticed about her at the bar, but now, with her naked from the waist up, they were quickly forgotten. Especially not with her breasts at face level.

Leaning forward, I took one hard peak into my mouth, sucking on it. She moans, hand coming up to cup the back of my head and hold me closer. When I pull away, I grin up at her, and see her grin back. “Naked,” she repeated, and I pulled back, get to my feet, and quickly strip out of my own clothes as she finishes undressing. Her entire body is toned and lean, showing off years of hard work. I vaguely recall her mentioning something about being a barrel racer or something of the sort, but the only thing I care about is tasting her, and then sinking inside her.

She looked me over appreciatively, licking her lips when they landed on my abs and cock. “Bring that on over here, big guy,” she purred seductively, moving to slide back on the bed. The only light in the room was the moonlight from the window of the patio door on the opposite wall. Still, it was bright enough that I could make out the glittering heat in her bright blue eyes.

Gripping my length, I stoke it a few times, telling myself I need to be in control. It has been way too long since I’ve had a woman in my bed, and I plan on taking my time. Being a cop, there aren’t a lot of nights when I’m home.

Walking toward the bed, I stop when I’m only a few inches away. She tips her head back and looks up at me expectantly. Damn, that’s hot. “Lie back,” I order her, watching in anticipation as she does as I ask. Slowly, seductively, but she does it. I climb onto the bed, over her, and move so I can press my mouth over hers, and slowly sink my body down.

She moans into my mouth, and it isn’t long before we’re both breathing hard, passion rising between us, and we’re rolling on the bed. Mouths and hands moving, grasping, and feeling every inch. I hiss when her hand grips my cock, pumping it quickly. I push her hand away and kiss my way down her stomach. She moans, stomach trembling under my mouth. I smirk up at her, and she gives me an anticipatory smile.

Then everything goes to shit.

“Don’t miss the pussy! Don’t miss the pussy!” the voice that is now a part of every nightmare I have squawks loudly.

Which promptly makes the woman scream and slam her legs closed around my head. Her knee connects with my temple, making me groan and I pull away quickly to keep it from happening again. “Who the hell is that?” she screeches.

“Pretty lady,” another voice squawks, this one sounding a bit more sultry. “Pretty lady.”

“Oh my God!” the woman now scrambling to grab a sheet to cover herself cries. “Oh my God. You’re one of them. One of those assholes who records you or has people watching unsuspecting women.”

“No,” I groan. Oh, my God. Seriously? Why? Why me? I move quickly off the bed and turn on the light. I turn my glare to the two parrots sitting on their perches by my bed. Perches that should be empty because they should be in their cages for the night. “Ollie, Lucy,” I bark, furious, “what the hell are you two doing in here?”

“Bedtime,” Lucy answers, moving her head as she looks back at me. She’s a lighter shade of red with a bit more green in her wings than Ollie, who is a vivid red, and currently whistling at the shocked woman in my bed.

“How you doin’?” Ollie asked the woman.

I wrench open the door. “Ollie, Lucy, out,” I order firmly.

“You have birds,” the woman says calmly, then looks at me and starts laughing. I stare at her for a moment, unsure if she’s just hysterical or truly amused. When she finally looks back at me, she’s wiping tears from her eyes. “I’m sorry, but this is too funny.”

I sigh. “I’m sorry. They were in their cages downstairs, but they’ve somehow figured out how to get out of them. I didn’t know they were in here.”

“They’re so pretty,” she said with a smile. “And I mean, it’s better than thinking you had someone else in here watching us.”

“Let me get them out of here,” I say with a smile. “If you want to stay, but I understand if you don’t.” Please don’t leave, please don’t leave.

She chuckles. “I’m good to stay,” she assures me.

I make quick work of getting them out of the room, closing the door behind me. I don’t bother putting them in their cages, because one, that will take too much time, and two, they’ll just get back out anyway. If they shit all over the place, I’ll deal with it later. I walk back in and find her on the bed, legs spread, and hand between her legs. Just like that, my cock hardens like a rock and I don’t waste any time.

She's hot, and gives me all kinds of good directions to get her right to the edge. Her cries echo through the room as I finally pull my mouth away from her, grinning up at her. She grins at me, chest heaving. “Come on up here, big guy,” she rasps. “I need you inside me.”

I don’t need any more encouragement.

I move up her body, sliding along her skin, and feel her shiver beneath me. I reach over her for my nightside drawer but frown when I reach in and don’t find the box of condoms I always keep stashed there. “What the hell?” I mutter.

“What’s wrong?” she asks me, confused.

“I can’t find my condoms,” I mutter in frustration. I go up to my knees, leaning farther over her to look inside, and then grunt when something suddenly drops on my head.

Followed by the familiar squawk, who screeches, “Bad cop. Dirty cop. Wrap it up, bird brain. Wrap it up.”

“Ollie!” I roar, grabbing the box of condoms that has fallen to the side of the bed. The woman underneath me is roaring with laughter. At least someone finds this amusing. I lift my head to see Ollie once again on his perch, watching us. “Ollie, out!” I snarl. Shit, I must have not closed the door all the way.

“Pointers, pointers,” Ollie squawks.

“He, he wants to give you pointers,” the woman gasps out, her entire body shaking with laughter now.

Someone kill me now. “No, Ollie, I can manage just fine,” I snarl through gritted teeth.

“I wish it was bigger,” Ollie squawks in imitation of another woman that I had brought home one other time a while ago. It’s now Ollie's favorite phrase to say.

She is now howling with laughter.

“That is it,” I growl, jumping out of the bed and stalking towards the menace who is currently cock-blocking me.

“Help! Help!” Ollie screeches, fluttering his wings and flying over my head and towards the door. “Pretty lady help!”

“Bye Ollie,” she gasps out as I make quick work of shutting the door behind the menace and locking it.

I groan and put my head against the door. “I swear to God, I need my head examined,” I moan. I turn and look at her as she grins wickedly at me.

“I have to say, this is probably the best night I’ve had in a while,” she tries to assure me, but she’s too busy wiping the tears from her eyes to put much effort. Then she winks at me. “And you’re definitely not too small, big guy.”

“I’ve locked the door, so how about we get back to this, or should I just chalk this up to a loss and we get some sleep?”

She smirks and holds up a foil package. “I do believe we still have this to use. Now that we shouldn’t have any more interruptions.”

Oh, thank you, Lord.

I spend the next half hour making up for the interruption, taking her over the edge twice more before I finally allow myself to have her.

By the time I collapse beside her, we’re both panting, my body buzzing. “Definitely not too small,” she pants, making me huff out a laugh.

“Good to know,” I say as I force myself to climb out of the bed, get rid of the condom, and grab a washcloth. “You staying the night?”

“I think I should get going,” she said with a smile. “I have to head out early tomorrow.”

I nodded in understanding. Truthfully, I rarely let women stay the night. “I’ll walk you out,” I tell her as I reach to grab my pants off the floor and slip them on, not bothering to button them.

When she’s dressed and has a cab waiting outside, I lead her out and down to the front door. But just before we reach it, Ollie and Lucy both screech, “He shoots, he scores!”

I groan, dropping my head back. Seriously, I need to gag these two birds. Thankfully, the woman just laughs and says, “Thank you for the most entertaining night of my night, big guy.” She goes on my tiptoe and kisses my cheek before she’s out the door.

I watch until she gets in, and then shut the door and lock it. I look over at the two birds on their perch by the window. “You two are assholes,” I say grumpily.

“Bedtime,” Lucy squawks, flying over to land on my shoulder. I wince that feel of her talons but don’t bother moving her. What’s the point?

“Let’s go,” I say tiredly.

As we head up to my room, Ollie flies behind us and then moves to his perch. I strip off my jeans and climb into bed. Then groan when Ollie squawks, “She lie. Wish it was bigger.”


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