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I'm Going to Put Him Inside Of A Box

Who you are asking? Who could possibly have pissed me off enough for me to want to put him in a box and forget about him? Well, actually, it's more like when Yzma from Emperor's New Groove says she's going to turn Kuzco into a flea and put him in multiple boxes and then smash it with a hammer. And if you haven't heard of that scene...I really think that you need to watch it. But here it is in GIF form for you to hold you over until then.

But What Did He Do?

I think the better question is what DIDN'T he do? And this is your heads up that language is about to get colorful for this blog. So if that's going to bother you, I'd bow out of this updated. Honestly, I don't think that I have ever had a character as difficult as Alessio Caruso, and that's saying something after dealing with Shadow way back when I was doing his book for the Devil's Soldiers MC series. When I first started his book at the very end of February/beginning of March, Alessio and I were thick as thieves. On great terms, and we were making great headway.

But then I hit 25% of the book, and he started being a typical man. Unhappy with the direction of the story, or even the fact that the chapter I was working on wasn't about him. And yes, my characters actually do "talk" to me. It's not a voice I hear, but images. Pictures and scene suggestions mostly, but I still count that as talking.

All of this to say, from 25% to 100% he and I had our own little battle. And I do mean battle. I was constantly poking at him to talk, to show me the direction the book needed. And he did after some not so gentle prodding by giving me some of the hottest sex scenes I've ever written, I swear. But outside of those scenes, the man was a pain in the f*****ing ass. I'm sorry, but he really was. My poor PA, Zoe, has had to hear me complain about him for months so I think she'd agree.

Then there was the fact that he would show me the way to make the book go, and all of a sudden, change his mind. Or it didn't feel right. It didn't fit. Or, at one point, it was just utter shit and I would erase it all. At one point, I erased almost 10,000 words (which is about 2-3 chapters depending) and was about to call it quits. I really was done. I felt like crying because it just didn't want to come to me, and thought I was losing my writing drive. Then, by some miracle, I sat at my desk one day and Alessio took pity on me and we got it going again. But I think it was more he was as frustrated as I was that the book wasn't done yet. Or he was just tired of my constant begging and threats to get the story done. Either way, we're finally done, and now he's Sienna's problem. And based on the line below, I think she's okay with that.

Is He Still Funny Like In Little Mouse?

Oh, he definitely is! Especially when it comes to his Boo Bear. evil laugh. If you're unsure on who his Boo Bear is, check it out in Little Mouse. You can grab it here.

Though I'm going to preface this by adding a reminder that this a DARK mafia romance. He's funny, but he's also as morally grey and dangerous as Nico, though in different ways. He is possessive over Sienna, and he is not going to turn good and just let her leave. Ever. Even if you think that's what he's going to do. So while he has his funny moments, he's also going to have the moments where he shocks you. Because he isn't everything he seems.

But I'll leave it at that for now. But here's a small teaser for you to show you that he's definitely going to have you laughing at the same time.

I take the time to move over toward the couch and croon, “Awww, my poor Boo Bear. You hurt your pretty face. Don’t worry, I still think you’re so handsome, but we both know it’s your co—”

Nico’s up and moving before anyone else can react, the barrel of his gun pressed tight to the center of my forehead. “Finish that sentence, Alessio,” he hisses.

I just keep my cocky smile in place, knowing full well that he won’t pull that trigger. Not if he doesn’t want a war. Not to mention, no one else has moved, so they aren’t taking it as a serious threat either. “Someone’s cranky today. What’s the matter, Armani? The fact that you got beat up by a woman bruise your ego?”

I hear snickers behind me, and I can tell that Nico badly wants to pull that trigger. It’s clearly in his eyes, but before he can decide on what to do, Dante’s phone rings, and the moment is gone. “When this is done and I don’t have to see your ugly-assed face, I’m going to kick your ass,” Nico vows, lowering the gun.

“Oh, now, Boo Bear, we both know that it’s not my face that you’re watching,” I taunt him, enjoying myself. “But your obsession with my ass certainly isn’t helping your case in trying to keep us a secret. Kind of gives it away, don’t you think?”

What About Sienna?

Sienna Harris is far better when it comes to actually letting me write out her parts of the story. She rarely gave me trouble, other than once, but I forgave her because it was after another session where Alessio wouldn't cooperate and she was trying to force her ideas in. Her, I feel much better about. Though I think she's insane for putting up with Alessio, but I suppose she has her ways...

As for what kind of character she is, I think you're going to love her. She's sassy, she's funny, and she's a bit of a badass. She is going to fight Alessio tooth and nail for a bit to keep him. Now, I'm also going to preface that with adding that a few times you're going to go, WHY???? Why is she doing something, or why is she fighting him so much? Don't worry, you get the answers to that, so just be patient, because she gives us some really good stuff in the meantime.

So Who Is Next?

The next book is going to be Lazaro Cattaneo's story, which is Nico's housekeeper's eldest brother. Though I may throw in some other side romances in there as well, but I'm still planning. I'm not going to reveal much more than that with regards to who is his love interest might be, but I will give you the tropes I know the book will include:

  • Kidnapping

  • Forced Proximity

  • Breeding Kink

  • Shy FMC

  • Possessive MMC with high jealousy and touch her and die vibes

  • Size difference

  • Primal Play

  • Some Bondage/Daddy Kink

What do you think? Want that one yet? Lazaro's book will be out in 2025 though I haven't picked a specific date yet. That's on the list of things to figure out in the coming weeks, but I'll be sure to have it figured out by the time Little Rabbit is released.

When Can Is Alessio and Sienna Going to Be Available?

You can preorder their story now on Amazon here. But they will be releasing August 23rd to Amazon and into KU. And yes I know that's far away, but really that's only about 3 months from today and that is going to fly by. But if you want exclusive teasers and updates on them, make sure you join my Facebook Group, Emily's Bookworms, or join my newsletter. You can sign up at the bottom of this page. But here's another small teaser for you to tie you over until then.

Are You Excited?

I hope, despite all of that complaining I just did (and thanks for reading!) you're as excited to read Alessio's story as I am to give it to you. As much as a pain in the ass he's been, honestly, he might be some of my best work so far.

Are You Excited To Read Alessio's Story?

  • Yes. 1000% yes!

  • Ah, no, he's obviously not worth my time.

  • Who's Alessio Again?

  • I need a re-read of Little Mouse, then I'll decide.

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