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I Really Need To Get Better At This Blog Thing

I just realized how long it has been since I've done a blog post. August 2022! No, I'm not kidding. The last one I did was the first chapter of Triple the Secrets, book 3 in my Dragons MC series. And in the time since then, I've written and released two more books, with Book 4 of the Dragons MC series coming out in only a few weeks. So, yeah, I need to get a lot better at this kind of thing.

Publishing Update

So here is what I have been released & set up since my last post.

Shadow Finally Has His Story!

The Devil's Reward released on November 22nd, and when I tell you that Shadow put me through the ringer for that book, I'm not joking. I wrote 30,000 words on his story, and then had to start all over because I forgot about a HUGE piece of his story, and I couldn't just add it back in without messing everything up. So that put me about a month behind, and I had to work hard to get his book done on time. It was a lot of late nights, and being a hermit and not seeing anyone, but I finally got him done. And his book came in at almost 137,000 words. You can grab it now on Amazon or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited.

I moved to escape my past, and give my daughter and I a fresh start. Now, I’m a respected Social Worker for a private VA clinic, and I devote my time to helping veterans find their way in civilian life. I have no time for relationships, and to be honest, I’m too shy to attempt it. But then he keeps getting thrown in my path. Shadow, the Enforcer for the Devil’s Soldiers MC. A man that is making me question what I want, and also pulling at my heart with every piece of himself he gives me. But I know he’s hiding something from me. Will I be able to handle it when it comes to light? Or will it shatter us both?

I fought hard for my country. I lost my team, and when I left the Special Forces, a new one found me. The Devil’s Soldiers MC helped me get to a place that I could finally live. Our club is still being threatened because someone wants to destroy us, and I will not let that happen. Except, I wasn’t expecting her. Quinn Holt is everything I want for myself, but know I shouldn’t have. My own family. Still, I can’t stay away from her, even when I should be focusing on our mole problem. But I have secrets, and the past is about to come full circle in a way I never expected and it might drive her away. Our mole won’t rest until he breaks our club apart, and they don’t care if she’s in the way. I will do anything to keep her and her little girl safe. Because after all these years, they’re my reward and no one will take them away from me.

This is a standalone story, but the storyline continues throughout the books, so it is strongly recommended that you start at the beginning if you want to keep up to date.

Simon and Leonora Finally Get Their Story

Yep, you read that right. Everyone's favourite Lincoln Matriarch and Patriarch finally got their own story. Travel through some of the moments that got them to where they are now, and you'll see why these two are so utterly perfect for each other. But also, be prepared for a few tears. I won't tell you anymore, but yeah, you really don't want to have the Kleenex too far away. I've made it FREE through Bookfunnel, so it's a great way to make to jump into the series if you haven't yet.

*The events of the novella happen between book 1 and 2 of the series, but you don't need to read the first book to read this one.


Asa Lincoln Finally Snagged His Sunshine

Resisting Asa was released on January 31st, 2023, and Asa didn't have as easy of a time convincing Jade to give him a shot. His book came in at a whopping 111,000 words. He and Jade were a bit easier on my head than Shadow, so I'm sure you can imagine how relieved I was. Not that Asa and I didn't butt heads on how the story was going to go a few times, but it did go at least somewhat smoother. The other fun part to this book? I introduced some new Lincolns, which means this series is going to continue. Who are they? You'll have to read it to find out. You can grab it on Amazon or read it for free with Kindle Unlimited now.

Jade Kanoska is a puzzle I want to figure out. Not only because she’s beautiful, smart, and sharp-tongued, but because she’s hiding something, and I want to know what it is. The problem is, the more time I spend with my new temporary assistant, the more I’m seeing her in an unprofessional light, and the more I realize I want her permanently. Only not as my assistant. Now I just need to figure out what she’s hiding and show her why she shouldn’t resist me. But something tells me that will be easier said than done. Good thing I love a challenge.

I thought my life would be different by now, but I guess it’s not in the cards yet. Instead, I’m still living at home with my father, and working to pay off a debt that my brother owes. Now, to add to it, I’ve been asked to work with Asa Lincoln temporarily until he finds a new assistant. I’d be fine if he didn’t constantly get under my skin and call me ridiculous nicknames like Sunshine. Or make comments about his ass. It’s okay though, I know I can do it. It’s only temporary. Except, I’m not as careful about hiding that something is wrong, and Asa is determined to figure it out. But while I’m trying to keep him in the dark, he’s getting under my skin in a way that is far from professional. I just need to resist his charming smile, and the way he makes me want things I can’t have. It shouldn’t be too hard right?

Coming Soon-Razor and Karissa Get Their HEA

Everyone has been waiting for Razor and Karissa's story, and they are finally coming your way on April 25th! They are one of my new favorite couples. Mostly because I get to really let my inner feminist out with this one. Razor wants to protect her, but Karissa doesn't need anyone to save her. But she also has some secrets, and I'm about to open a whole new world for you in this one. *wink, wink* You can preorder it now on Amazon, and it will also be available to read on Kindle Unlimited once it releases.

She doesn’t need anyone to save her. She is her own savior, so when her former foster sister is threatening to finish what she started, Karissa knows she needs to leave. No one is safe with Sena after her. Except, she didn’t plan on him. Razor, the far too sexy biker has made it clear that he wants her for his Old Lady, and he’s not going to give up. Now, he’s found out about the threat against her, and he isn’t about to let her go or let her fight her past alone. However, she hasn’t been completely open about her past, and it’s about to stretch their trust and budding relationship to the limits. But the biggest question is, when it’s all over… will she stay or will she go? And will Razor still want her when he finds out the truth?

He never wanted an Old Lady, and was happy with the casual arrangement he and Karissa started. Except now, things are different, and he wants it all, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make her see it. But things aren’t always what they seem. Karissa has secrets. So when he finds out she’s leaving to try and protect those closest to her, he’s not about to let her go without a fight. The question is, will he be able to handle the secrets she was keeping? And if so, will she still stay when it was all over? Or is he destined to watch her leave?

Stone and Syn Are Finally Coming Together

If you've been following the Devil's Soldiers MC, you know that Stone and Syn have been leading up to their own book for a while. Well, I'm excited to let you know that they are finally getting their HEA. Not without some hardship, of course. And if you've been wondering if anyone gets bit...well, you'll have to wait and see. Can you tell I'm laughing evilly? Sorry, but I can't give anyway anything yet. You'll find out on July 11th when they go live on Amazon and free with Kindle Unlimited.


What Am I Currently Working On?

Up next that I'm working on is Book 5 in the Dragons MC series, which will be Code's story. I can't share too much about it yet, because, well, that could give some things away I'm not ready to yet, but just know that this book is an Enemies to Lovers Romance, and Code is getting ready to meet his match. As always, his lady is going to be kickass, and she's going to have you cheering. I'm a little short of 10,000 words in, but I'm well on my way. So get ready. You can preorder it now, and it will be releasing on September 15th.

They don't like each other, and he's not about to let her get the upper hand. Except, their battle for supremacy has resulted in a battle for her life. Can Code and the Dragons keep her safe? And can he keep her from getting under his skin?


Okay, I think that's it for me today. I've thrown a lot at you, but I promise that I'm going to get better at this whole blogging thing. I just need to make sure I can set aside some time. But I have some great things planned for the year, and I can't wait to share them with you.

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