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Will the Predators MC Get Their Own Series?


Okay, now that we have that warning out of the way, I can finally answer the question that's on everyone's minds. Now that Razor and Karissa's story is out there for everyone to read, I have gotten lots of questions about my plans for the new characters I've introduced. So I'm here to answer those questions!

In short, YES! The Predators MC will be getting a series about each of their members, which means you should get a full eight-book series by the time I'm finished with them. Now, that's not to say I won't be adding more to it, but they aren't a typical MC, so I probably will do things a little differently with them.

Now on to a few more in-depth questions I've received.

Will They Cross Over With The Dragons MC As You Do With The Inked World?

I do plan on having them cross over, but they will not be like my Inked World, where all the characters continually show up in each book. This world is much different than that one, and I find my readers enjoy that. It keeps it from getting repetitive that way as well. But, seeing as Karissa is a former member of their team, the Dragons are going to be involved in some way or other, but I haven't quite figured out the when and how yet.

Will You Learn More About Their Backstories As Mercenaries?

Oh yes! That is who they are, and I think them realizing that they can be both the badass team they are but also fall in love like everyone else is something that will make it exciting for readers. But beware, their stories aren't going to be pretty. Like the Dragons MC, their stories are going to be darker in nature, if not full-on DARK. Though, something tells me that most of my readers are going to enjoy that.

When Can We Expect Their Books?

I have no set timeline on when to expect their books, but honestly, I'm kind of chomping at the bit to get them out to you. But then again, I have so many series and books on the go that I don't know what to expect for timelines. So I'll have to leave that up to my readers. If I have a huge call for them, then I definitely will consider upping my timeline on when to write them.

Hopefully, this blog answers some of your questions! And make sure you let me know what you think in the comments or poll below if you want to see the Predators MC sooner than later. Or if you have a favorite and who you want to see get their story first.

Should I Start The Predators MC Series Soon?

  • Yes!!!!!

  • No, finish your other series first.

  • I don't care either way, I'm going to read them anyway

  • Who are the Predators MC?

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