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Will Wolf & Ember Get Their Own Wedding Story?

By now, you all know how much I love to write short stories in my Inked World, and I also know how much you all enjoy them. When I started writing, I really wanted to create this amazing world for people to continue to see the characters they love, and honestly, I never expected to be enjoyed this month. But that also means some novellas and short stories that come your way, usually through my newsletter. If you haven't signed up for my newsletter yet, make sure you do so you don't miss out.

The question I hear a lot lately, though, is, will I ever write Wolf and Ember's wedding story? I mean, I've been teasing it for a while now, right? And I know, I know, you all hate that I tease you so much, but I promise the wait is almost over. Wolf and Ember had to get to the point in the Inked World where it made the most sense that they would get married. Which meant I had to make sure I got through Asa's book first. Now that he and Jade have had their HEA, Wolf and Ember can finally get their wedding.

And Leonora can finally marry off one of her kids. She's really excited about that. Well, that and she and the Coven can have some fun. (wink, wink)

When Can You Expect This Short Story?

My plan is to have this story ready for you this summer because Wolf and Ember want a summer wedding. I will also not make this a newsletter exclusive. That is my normal go-to, but Wolf and Ember are my OG couple, and so many of my readers found me through them. So I will be putting out this short story for all readers to enjoy via Bookfunnel. Once I have it written and edited, then I will announce a release day.

Will The Coven Be Involved?

This is the biggest question you have, right? Haha! I know you are all here just for what these women could get up to. I do plan on having them involved, don't worry. Of course, I can't give anything away or spoil my plans. But I promise you that a wedding with the Inked World won't be anywhere near boring.

Will Any Of The Other Inked Couples Get Married?

Absolutely! I actually have already written an engagement between Talon and Piper as a newsletter short story. So their wedding will also be celebrated at some point in the future. But that leaves Nix and Raven. Nix and Ash already have a son, so I think it's logical that they will eventually marry. Especially if Leonora has anything to say about it. As for Raven and Sloan, I think that Sloan would marry her in an instant, but he's going to have to do some convincing for Raven. She's not one for the traditional, after all. Still, never say never.

The Inked World is starting to head into a new direction as more couples join and new characters arrive, so I'm sure there are going to be many more weddings and celebrations to come. Are you excited for them all?

I hope so because I can't wait to write them all for you!

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1 Comment

Monica Tullo
Monica Tullo
Jun 30, 2023

I LOVE IT ALL....branch out! Make them Novella's instead of newsletters they can be read on Kindle's or phones too lol 😀

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